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The Study Abroad Awards!

RACHEL ALLEN- Hello one and all! Welcome to the very first “Study Abroad Awards”. Much like the Dunder Mifflin Dundies, the Studies (ooo we already have a nickname) celebrate life itself. This will also probably be the last Studies, as we didn’t get the 1,000,000,00€ stipend we asked for to pay for a circus of […]

Palacio de la Moncloa

A Tour Through My Program Classes Here

RACHEL ALLEN- As I approach my final month in Madrid, I am surprised at how quick this semester has gone by. I am so thankful for all I’ve learned here – inside and outside the classroom. As I’ve talked about my non-academic learning here before, I want to focus on my classes for this post. […]

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Welcome to My World – My Internship

RACHEL ALLEN- With my course schedule, I do not have many opportunities to leave the program center. All four of my classes are at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center. Knowing this, I really wanted to avoid living in a bubble. I knew I would need to find an extracurricular activity completely outside of the school […]


How Much Paella Can One Girl Eat?

RACHEL ALLEN- This week I decided to take the obvious route and focus on our field trip to Valencia. Be prepared for gushing about rice, nice bus views and the beach. Everyone within a 20-meter (how European of me!) radius knows this, but Valencia really did remind me of Florida. Specifically Clearwater, FL. Valencia, Spain […]