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menu del dia

My Top 3 Menús del Día

Having been bedridden for the past 3 days with a lovely stomach virus, I have decided to write about some of my favorite restaurants in Madrid. While I have been eating nothing but soggy rice and crackers for the past 72 hours, I assure you that my foodie judgement was on point when I went […]


Escaparate feminista en la Librería Pasajes

Queridas y queridos estudiantes: Como sabéis, tenemos muy cerquita del Programa una librería genial, en la calle Génova, y se llama Pasajes. Recientemente la librería Pasajes ha inaugurado una sección de libros feministas. ¡Aún es pequeña, pero ya contiene algunas joyas! Os animo a pasar por allí cuando tengáis tiempo, para conocer las obras disponibles. […]

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Being Vegetarian in Spain

KATIE CAMPBELL- Two years ago, when I came to Tufts I quickly realized that the meat served in the dining halls wasn’t worth eating. After a year of limiting my meat intake at Tufts, I decided to go all out and stop eating it. I replaced the bacon at brunch at Kelly’s Diner with grilled […]