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©Byron Poplawski

Restaurant Review: Kiyota

Hold the paella, if you’re looking for your next menú in Madrid, you must try this small, modern Japanese restaurant. Located inconspicuously on the corner of calle Donoso Cortés and calle Hilarión Eslava, Kiyota serves reasonably priced, trendy Japanese food. From the outside, Kiyota does not inspire confidence. Graffiti covers the store’s orange awnings above […]

©Katie Campbell

Being Vegetarian in Spain

KATIE CAMPBELL- Two years ago, when I came to Tufts I quickly realized that the meat served in the dining halls wasn’t worth eating. After a year of limiting my meat intake at Tufts, I decided to go all out and stop eating it. I replaced the bacon at brunch at Kelly’s Diner with grilled […]

Recursos para personas vegetarianas en Madrid

¿Que es difícil practicar el vegetarianismo en Madrid? ¿Y eso quién lo dice? Probablemente es algo que hayas escuchado de otros estudiantes del programa, sobre todo en el pasado. Pero las cosas en España han cambiado mucho y ahora es perfectamente posible seguir manteniendo este tipo de dieta cuando estés aquí. Prueba de ello es […]