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Una carta de gratitud_by Giovanna

No puedo creer que esta sea la última semana del programa.  A medida que nos acercamos al final, pienso cada vez más en Madrid y en cómo se suponía que íbamos a terminar este semestre juntos en Madrid. Todos celebraríamos saliendo y comiendo el chocolate con churros en San Ginés.  A pesar de cómo cada […]


I DID IT!_by Naomi

Hello everyone! This week I have exciting news to share with you: I have been selected for the Fulbright award! I will be teaching English in La Rioja, Spain starting in January. Unfortunately, my program can not start in the fall due to COVID-19, but it is still an extreme honor to be able to […]


My Not So Daily Routine_by Naomi

My day to day routine during quarantine isn’t much of a routine at all. I usually get up on weekdays around 8, eat breakfast, and try to get some work done before my Zoom classes begin. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I have class before lunchtime so after my class, I will eat lunch, maybe spend […]


Keeping In Touch_by Giovanna

I wanted to have more trips to el campo and meet the rest of the family.  I wanted to enjoy picnics in Cercedilla and watch the sunset at Parque Dehesa de la Villa.  I wanted to cook dinner and exchange family recipes. These are just a few of the things I was looking forward to […]


Espacio Afro in New York City_by Nico

As everything is changing within the program, my internship has also undergone some modifications, too. Both last semester and this semester, I have been doing work in an organization known as “Espacio Afro,” formerly called “Conciencia Afro.” The organization focuses on work concerning racialized groups and promotes community-building within these groups in Madrid. While in […]


Welcome to Zoom_by Naomi

Online classes started a little over a week ago and all things considered, I think they’re going well! Mensaje de esperanza, clase de lengua española con la profa Aída Rodriguez Initially when I learned that classes would be online, I was a little worried. All my life classes have been a physical space to engage […]