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Palacio de Cristal

5 Museums To Visit in Madrid

As a huge fan of art, I love spending time in museums. So, it’s no coincidence that I have discovered some hidden gems in my quest to see all of Madrid’s museums before my year abroad is over. I’m also lucky that I live with a family of artists who always know the latest exhibition […]

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Explorando Barcelona

Yanelle at Camp Nou stadium Este semestre he podido conocer un poco más de España ya que he visitado Toledo, Valencia, Segovia, Granada, Sevilla y por último Barcelona. Cada lugar me ha encantado pero desde hace mucho tiempo he querido visitar Barcelona por lo cual debo dedicarle un post a esta maravillosa ciudad. Una de […]

Lusk, Madi2

My Fall Semester in Spain

Madi When my plane landed in Madrid on September 4th, I knew one other person in the program, was obsessed with speaking perfect Spanish, and wanted to travel to as many countries as possible. At the end of my time here, I can say that I made a lot of lovely friends from Tufts, Skidmore, […]


35 Things I’ll Miss About Madrid

35 things I’ll miss about Madrid, in no particular order: 1. Opening the shades of my room every morning to see tones of orange and pink across neighboring rooftops 2. My daily 2 pieces of toast with blackberry jam and cup of coffee 3. My host brothers playing fortnight truly todo el rato 4. Making […]


My Last Post is About Program Classes

500 words. 500 words are all that separate me from the end of my tenure as a student blogger. 500 words, as it so happens, is 150 words longer than the longest paper that any student on the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program ever needs to write in the mandatory grammar class. Students write eight mini commentaries […]

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Uno de mis mejores semestres

A solo días de que acabe el semestre me parece cada vez más sorprendente estar tan cerca de mi graduación. La mayoría de los estudiantes en el programa son “juniors” (en su tercer año de universidad), pero yo soy una de los pocos estudiantes que somos “seniors” (en nuestro ultimo año de universidad). Esto significa […]


Madrid Gets Ready for the Holiday Season

As the semester is ending and finals season is (very much) upon us, I have really enjoyed seeing Madrid and my homestay get all dressed up for Christmas. Walking on the Gran Vía or through Plaza Mayor or Sol was beautiful before, but now it’s even more festive. There are also Christmas and artisanal markets […]


Mis clases del programa

Wonderful stuff happens within the walls of the program’s classrooms With finals season in full swing, the plague has hit me like clockwork. Lack of sleep and lots of work are always a deadly combo, but add living in a city as exciting as Madrid, and a whole new level appears. I can honestly say […]

IFG leaders Lucy, Eli and Génesis


IFG leaders Lucy, Eli and Génesis They say the best things in life are free, and I think they’re referring to things like love, sunshine, and Fridays. Generally, I agree with “them,” whoever they are with the power to write timeless maxims, but I would propose that they add one more item to the list: […]

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Una latina en España

El curriculum de mi escuela secundaria en Honduras incluye un año entero para estudiar la historia de nuestro país. Durante ese año, aprendemos muchísimo sobre el pasado de nuestro país y cómo hemos llegado hasta nuestro presente. Recuerdo aprender sobre colonización, cómo nuestros antepasados fueron privados de su cultura, el sufrimiento de muchos al ser […]