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Rediscovering Spanish with Chavela

Last semester, I took several program classes and really enjoyed them. This semester I am only taking one program class – Spanish for Heritage Speakers taught by our wonderful Chavela.    Even though I grew up in Honduras and Spanish is my native language, I have always felt more comfortable in English. Perhaps because I […]


Interning at CEAR

Our program provides us with the opportunity to intern while in Madrid. Last semester, I worked with our program Professor Josep Lobera, as one of his research assistants. This semester, I wanted to try something different so I decided to serve as a Legal Aid Assistant at the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR). There […]


My UAM Class

The program classes at Tufts Skidmore Spain are great. They have offered a great chance to learn about specific parts of Spain and its culture and get to know my fellow program students better. However, when I came to Spain I wanted to take the opportunity to immerse myself academically, more so than just living […]

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Dancing Discomfort Away

One common piece of advice about studying abroad is to “step out of your comfort zone.” For some, going abroad is a huge step, but I have felt at home since I arrived in Madrid. Perhaps it’s that I’m a native Spanish speaker and haven’t had trouble expressing myself, or that my Latin American culture […]


Day Trip to Aranjuez

Jardines de Aranjuez Madrid is a great city for many reasons – the culture, the nightlife, the food and much more. But it also benefits from being the direct center of Spain (as the 0km point in Puerta del Sol points out). In addition to the many weekend trips you can take, there are also […]


Interviewing Sarah Tessler

For this week’s blog, I decided to interview Sarah Tessler, one of the Tufts-Skidmore Spain full year students. Sarah is originally from Connecticut and is studying both Spanish and Education at Tufts. A self-described program center fan, we sat down together by the mural for the interview. She shared some of her favorite things about […]

Casa de Campo

Parques de Madrid

By now, we all know and love visiting el Retiro. But did you know Madrid has many other wonderful parks to visit? Now that it’s warmer, I have been looking for more green spaces to soak up some sunshine while I get some work done and while I do love Retiro, I’m starting to fall […]

Bilbao 3

More on the Last Program Trip

Last weekend, the program organized a trip for us to visit Logroño and Bilbao. I was particularly excited because one of my goals is to visit each of the four different regions in Spain. I loved getting to know Andalucía and Catalunya, so I certainly looked forward to getting a taste of what La Rioja […]