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Between the Front Door and the Welcome Mat

A typical building in Madrid called corrala. Blame the meditation session from which I just came, or blame the ruminative streak that pervades my dad’s whole family, or blame Erik Erikson’s famous theory of human psychological development that says that people my age are focused on forming intimate relationships. Blame my professors for not having […]

My Neighborhood 100 Montaditos

Tufts-Skidmore Spain: Powered by 100 Montaditos

My Neighborhood 100 Montaditos Although I’m not sure it is officially a “restaurant,” 100 Montaditos is definitely the most popular, or the most frequently visited restaurant among students. Walking through the program center or reading a group chat between students, you are likely to hear the phrase “let’s just go to cien.” In good times […]


Teatro en Madrid

Jamás he actuado en una obra de teatro, pero siempre me ha apasionado ver obras y musicales porque me producen muchísima emoción. Una de las cosas que aprecio de este programa es el reembolso de actividades culturales porque me ha permitido ver muchísimas obras de teatro y musicales en Madrid. Ha sido una de mis […]


Mi Práctica: Alianza por la Solidaridad

Before I got to Spain, I spent an excessive amount of time exploring the Tufts-Skidmore Spain website, anticipating every little detail of the program that I would soon embark on. One of the aspects that both scared and intrigued me was the possibility of doing an internship abroad. The thought of interning in another language […]

Classroom at the Fuencarral program center

My Program Center Classes

Classroom at the Fuencarral program center 0on j  This semester, I am taking four classes—one at the Universidad Autonóma de Madrid and three at the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program center. One of my courses, Lengua española avanzada, or Advanced Spanish Language, is mandatory and I chose to take two literature courses, Literaturas transatlánticas (Translatlantic Literature) and […]


Bowling in Madrid

Baseball. Apple pie. Cowboys, and bowling. Bowling? Bowling. I hadn’t realized that I had been craving some sense of connection to the rugged heartland of America, but yesterday, when I strolled into the bowling alley above the Chamartín train station, I breathed a sigh of sweet relief. The best part was that when I subsequently […]


Un finde en Barcelona

¡Hola, hola! Throughout my entire childhood, I was greeted every morning by a framed photo collage outside my door of my older sister angelically smiling by a beach. For many years, I never thought much of it, until I started to question where I was in these pictures. They were taken in Barcelona, on a […]


A Week Full of Lorca

Last weekend, I went with the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program to Granada, Andalucía. In addition to its beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada, winding, hilly streets lined with white buildings, and the Alhambra, Granada is known for having been the home of Federico García Lorca, arguably the most well-known Spanish author. Lorca was executed at the […]


La belleza del flamenco

Uno de los aspectos culturales de España que me emocionaba mas conocer antes de llegar a Madrid es el flamenco. Siempre me ha gustado mucho el baile en general y una de las cosas que me gusta hacer es ver funciones de baile cada vez que tengo la oportunidad. Antes de llegar a Madrid solo […]