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Casa de Campo

Parques de Madrid

By now, we all know and love visiting el Retiro. But did you know Madrid has many other wonderful parks to visit? Now that it’s warmer, I have been looking for more green spaces to soak up some sunshine while I get some work done and while I do love Retiro, I’m starting to fall […]

Bilbao 3

More on the Last Program Trip

Last weekend, the program organized a trip for us to visit Logroño and Bilbao. I was particularly excited because one of my goals is to visit each of the four different regions in Spain. I loved getting to know Andalucía and Catalunya, so I certainly looked forward to getting a taste of what La Rioja […]


Program Trip: Logroño & Bilbao

Video by Sergio Barreiro This weekend, I have traveled to Logroño and Bilbao with the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program. When I sat down in December to plan some travel within Spain, I did not have any cities in northern Spain. It was really cool to have the opportunity to travel to a part of Spain that […]

Cooking 2

Cooking in Madrid

Something that I miss a lot from home is having the ability to cook every day. For me, cooking is an activity where I can immerse myself in the recipe I am doing, and not have to think about anything else going on in my life. It’s a nice break from my normal routine and […]


Un finde genial en Madrid

Nicole 2 Many of the program classes had some local excursions this weekend, so my friends and I opted to stay in Madrid. My weekend started with a visit to La Feria to see a modern art exhibit. I enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the art. My friend Kristen and I chose a […]


A Weekend at Home

This past weekend was my first full weekend staying in Madrid for several weeks. And honestly? It was a breath of fresh air. Trust me, I love traveling and am so grateful for the sights I have seen so far. But it was so nice to stay home for a few days. Madrid is always […]


A weekend filled with family

This past weekend, my mom visited me in Madrid! It was her first time in Spain, and she loved la vida madrileña! She does not speak Spanish so I enjoyed communicating for her with restaurant servers and shopkeepers. I introduced her to some of my local food and drink favorites like jamón ibérico, tortillas, croquetas […]

Toma Cafe (Cory Smith photo)

Where To Study

If you’re anything like me, you may find that always studying in the same place can become distracting. Even while at Tufts, I have to switch my study spaces through the semester in order to get some variety and be able to remain productive. One of the many amazing things about Madrid is that it […]