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Lost in Translation

KATIE WOLFE- Around two months ago I arrived in Spain, alone, ready to take on solo traveling and a semester abroad. I decided to give myself three weeks before the start of the Tufts-Skidmore Spain program to travel and WWOOF on a farm in Sevilla. During that time I was able to settle into the […]


Almost a month…

JOANNA DIMAS- It’s crazy how my days in Madrid have felt long, yet I have been in this beautiful city for a month. Before my arrival, I was extremely excited and nervous (two extreme polar feelings). My friend Fehintola and I had been talking about our semester abroad for a while, and knowing I would […]

"El hormiguero" is Liza's host family dinnertime program.

Moving In

LIZA LEONARD- I live with a lovely woman named Lola in Alcala de Henares, Madrid. As lovely as she is, the move into her home was a big transition. Lola doesn’t speak any English, and my jet-lagged, textbook Spanish, was not conducive to immediate bonding. I accepted that genuine, nuanced communication about our lives would […]

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Do you want to be a student blogger?

Do you want to be a student blogger for the Tufts & Skidmore program? Earn 50€/month by writing a blog post per week! It’s fun and you will forever be part of our program blog! You can read the beautiful posts of last semester student bloggers here: Nathaniel Tran Jessica Posada Ramiro Sarabia If you […]


Don’t let your soul die slowly

NATHANIEL TRAN- Studying abroad has been such a liberating experience for me. I came here trying to get over a breakup, to immerse myself in the Spanish language, and to embark on culinary adventures. Since I was a child, I’ve always been one to have lots of expectations. I expected to find a new best […]


Clases de Conversacion en la UAM

RAMIRO SARABIA- It’s crazy to think that, in less than a month, the Fall semester of my junior year will be over. More than that, I’ll have finished an experience that I once saw taking place in the distant future: studying abroad. As always, I’m back with reflections on my experience thus far in Madrid. […]



NATHANIEL TRAN- My sincerest condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one in the wake of violence across the world in the past week. I don’t only speak to the tragedies that struck Paris, but also in solidarity with the Black young men and women who face violent and oppressive circumstances across the United States, […]