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Lunch Rush: A Review of Ojalá

Ojalá Restaurant & Bar +34 91 523 27 47 c/ de San Andrés 1, Madrid Overall impression 4/5 Atmosphere: 4.5/5 Overall food taste: 3/5 Overall food presentation: 3.5/5 Pricing: $ Caprese salad: A visually appealing appetizer that highlights the beauty of Mediterranean cuisine. Although it’s not a traditional Spanish plate, the Caprese salad was very […]


Mi fin de semana en Barcelona

As I’ve mentioned in my blog posts throughout the semester, every experience that I’ve had in Spain has been a learning experience one way or another. Whether it’s learning Spain’s complex religious history or realizing that American sports bars can serve as a small home away from home, my blog posts have served to help […]


A Love Letter to Madrid

Dear Madrid, When I first met you I thought you were the nicer, less smelly cousin to New York. If it wasn’t for your signs in Spanish I might have thought I was still in the US. I compared you to Philadelphia because you’re small and quaint for a big city. I compared to you […]


Nathaniel pregunta

¡Hola a todo el mundo! Este semana quería tratar un tipo de post diferente. En vez de mis reflexiones, quería hacer una entrevista con mis amigos y algunos extranjeros. Por eso, elegí 5 preguntas interesantes y empecé a preguntar a todos. Pregunté a amigos del programa y de los EE.UU. pero también traté de hablar […]


Trip to Andalusia

This weekend was another incredible adventure in our new home, España. Through the Tufts-Skidmore in Madrid program, we have had the chance to explore other parts of this beautiful country besides Madrid. Earlier in the semester, we took a trip to Spain’s province of Segovia, which gave us a really interesting insight into the country’s […]


Humbling Experiences in Spain

Traveling is a truly humbling experience. Whether it’s a road trip to a neighboring state or an international adventure, the process of packing-leaving-wandering is exhaustive in the most satisfying way. My adventures in Spain have helped remind me of my most basic needs. Between the early morning flights, long train rides, and hours of walking […]



Although I’m known for the occasional FIFA upset, I would definitely not consider myself a very big sports guy. Social media and being friends with people who play sports have helped me always stay semi-knowledgeable on the topic, but, until recently, I probably couldn’t name you more than a few players on each of my […]


Spain, family, love…

It’s 2:34am and I should be asleep before my flight to Barcelona tomorrow morning but instead I spent the past hour talking to a friend back in Boston about their significant others. We talked about the current mentality that our generation has regarding courtship, chivalry, and respect— people seem to rush into relationships because they’re […]


Studying in Spain: A Few Observations

Despite the fact that study abroad is full of new experiences and adventures that can make it seem like a mini vacation, it’s important to remember the study experience of studying abroad. With classes starting to pick up and deadlines approaching in several of them, I’ve started to realize how similar and different classes are […]