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Thursday Night Roller Skating with our Mentors!_Aja

Last Thursday evening, thanks to our wonderful mentors, many of the program students and mentors got together to go roller skating just outside the Chamartín train station at this awesome little place called Rolling. The mentors often organize really fun activities for all the program students, mentors, and language exchange partners (intercambios) to do together […]


Through my Sketchbook_by Mayeline

Hello everyone! Today I want to introduce one of my favorite classes at the program center: Sketchbook: Walking in the City. Sketchbook is an on-site studio art course, based on drawing, designed for both art majors and non-art majors (like me). Personally, I just know how to draw stick figures. Since that’s the extent of […]


Traveling through Toledo_by Nico

The program has just completed our second trip of the spring semester!  We spent a night in Toledo this weekend, and it was so refreshing.  As I mentioned last semester, we had gone to El Escorial, Segovia, and Granada.  This semester, we had the option of going to El Escorial again, we went to Toledo, and […]


Para empezar_by Naomi

Hola chicos! My name is Naomi, I am a senior at Skidmore College majoring in sociology with a minor in Spanish and yes! I am spending my last semester of college in Madrid, Spain. I was always interested in studying abroad but since I am a transfer student, that opportunity wound up aligning with my […]


“200”, años del Prado

HOY es el día del ESTRENO en La 2 del nuevo espacio ‘200’. Esta vez RTVE ha rodado en el Museo Nacional del Prado una serie especial de 4 capítulos para celebrar los 200 años. Presentada por Ramon Gener, hoy 7 de noviembre se emite el capítulo “Un museo del gusto real”, a las 22h […]


¡Cuida tu cabeza! 

En mi carrera universitaria, mi obstáculo más grande siempre ha sido la salud mental.  Como todo el mundo, he pasado por traumas en la vida que me han afectado.  En la universidad, es difícil de balancear todos los cursos que uno toma, y es hasta más difícil elegir si priorizar la salud mental sobre las clases y tareas que uno […]

Spring Break, Last Year

It’s finally Spring break! … in the states. Here in Spain we still have two weeks to go, but the joyful Facebook statuses of my friends reminded me of MY spring break last year. A week in which I ran around Florida with my two best friends while anxiously waiting to hear back from Tufts […]