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DA Event: All Power To All The People: Black Organizing From The Civil Rights Movement To #BlackLivesMatter

On Sunday, February 21st, the Madrid chapter of Democrats Abroad (DA) will be hosting the event All Power To All The People: Black Organizing From The Civil Rights Movement To #BlackLivesMatter, where with the help of their two speakers (Nicole Pearson and Stevie Evans) they will be discussing the paradox of citizenship for Black Americans. […]


¡Os damos la bienvenida!

El verdadero viaje de descubrimiento no es buscar nuevas tierras, sino mirarlas con nuevos ojos. (Voltaire) Aquí estáis. En Madrid, en Alcalá, ¡en España! Comienza un nuevo año y para vosotros una aventura sin igual y un desafío que os convertirá en personas distintas. Habrá momentos difíciles: adaptarse a una nueva cultura, a unos tiempos […]


Studying in Spain: A Few Observations

Despite the fact that study abroad is full of new experiences and adventures that can make it seem like a mini vacation, it’s important to remember the study experience of studying abroad. With classes starting to pick up and deadlines approaching in several of them, I’ve started to realize how similar and different classes are […]


Dunkin’ Donuts who? (by Jessica Posada)

I crammed my bloated carry-on into an overhead compartment with the help of a man with dark hair. I checked my seat number on my boarding pass and saw that I sat in the middle of the middle aisle, otherwise known as the worst seat. I lamented the lack of televisions while the woman seated […]


Madrid, The «Big City»

Almost a month into this experience, I feel like I’m slowly starting to get adjusted to the new lifestyle that Madrid has offered us this semester. Living in the heart of a city as active as Madrid is a drastic change of pace from the quiet, comfortable isolation that we often experience at Tufts. Whereas […]



Ahora somos caras anónimas, pero dentro de poco estaremos ya comenzando la orientación y viéndonos por primera vez. Empieza un semestre distinto. No estáis en Tufts, ni en Skidmore, ni en Smith. Vais a vivir un montón de experiencias nuevas, a conocer dos ciudades que se convertiran en vuestro segundo hogar, a formar parte de […]