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Expo Final_primavera 2020

El pasado miércoles 20 de mayo realizamos la EXPO-clausura del curso académico con una particularidad, la hemos realizado por Zoom 😉 Asistieron noventa y cuatro personas a la cita y lo pasamos fenomenal. Los tiempos que corren nos obligan a ser creativos y no queríamos que pasara por alto una tradición del programa que nos […]


Sitges, Barcelona, and Gaudi_by Mayeline

One of my favorite things about this program is that we get refunded for any travel in Spain, cultural activities, and extracurricular activities. This allows low-income students like me to really live a study abroad experience with fewer setbacks. More specifically it allowed me to have one of the most beautiful weekends of my life […]


Traveling through Toledo_by Nico

The program has just completed our second trip of the spring semester!  We spent a night in Toledo this weekend, and it was so refreshing.  As I mentioned last semester, we had gone to El Escorial, Segovia, and Granada.  This semester, we had the option of going to El Escorial again, we went to Toledo, and […]


El Escorial_by Giovanna

This past Saturday, we traveled to El Escorial, a beautiful monastery and palace built in the late 1500s.  It is one of the most important sites of the Spanish Renaissance and in 1984, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Built about 30 miles from Madrid, it is situated at the base of the […]


48 hours in Portugal

This weekend, I took a trip to Lisbon, Portugal with my sister, Yabi.  As I had mentioned in a previous blog, she had come to visit me for a week.  Thus, from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon, we were out of Madrid.  Initially, she desperately wanted to visit Sevilla, but we also thought it would have been interesting to travel […]


Semana Santa

            During Semana Santa, my friends and I decided to do some travel outside of Spain.  First, we went to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Upon landing, I realized that I was going to immediately find my gloves and scarf, as the weather was significantly colder than anything we had experienced in Madrid.  Our hostel was less than […]



At the beginning of April, some friends and I from the Tufts-Skidmore program used our travel stipend within Spain to go to Mallorca.  We had a large group, so we ultimately were unable to stay in Palma.  This actually wound up being a wonderful thing because we found the precious town called Port D’Andratx, which […]