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ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but generally somewhere between high school and college the words for the end of a chapter of your life change. I attended my high school graduation 3 years ago, but over the course of the next few weekends many of my friends will be attending their […]


The Ultimate “Bad” Word: Some Thoughts on Socialism

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- I have always considered myself something of a socialist. To most Americans, this is a very bad thing. I have always prided myself on being critical of many US institutions and the supposed benefits of our capitalist country. Although Communism and Socialism are, of course, different entities, most Americans lump them into one […]

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Drawing a Path: The Clarity of Sketching

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- There are many things I love about taking classes at our program center. The opportunities to explore world-class museums like the Prado, the enthusiastic and engaging grammar lessons that actually make me want to learn about the past subjunctive tense (well…almost). However, the real standout (and completely unexpected delight) for me this semester […]


New Continents and Renewed Confidence

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- During Semana Santa, Spain’s equivalent of our Spring Break, I travelled to Morocco for a week. I had been playing with the idea for a while (as you may or may not remember, I initially wanted to study abroad in Morocco), but was waiting to see if any of my friends would go […]

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A Spanish Education

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- There are things about the US that I never thought I would miss. I believe that we pay far too much and are in debt for far too long for our education. Yes, I know that we have excellent universities, but, being the stubborn liberal that I am, I was excited to experience […]


Coming Home

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- As you may or may not remember, last week’s blog post was all about homesickness and loneliness. I was really stuck in a rut, feeling lost even as I traveled the familiar streets of La Latina. However, in the playful and ironic manner in which life operates, this week has been almost the […]


Missing My People: Feeling Alone

ZOË SULLIVAN-BLUM- I am not good at being alone. I thrive on time spent with other people. As much as I have tried to make myself enjoy being alone, I can only take so much of it. I do enjoy a few hours in a cozy coffee shop with a good book and some time […]